Regalo del Mar Reception Areas & Restaurant

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Project: Description

An 11,000 sq. ft. project with multiple public areas including a hotel lobby, condominium lobby, and restaurant and bar reflecting the local culture and vibe of historic Galveston, TX.

About the Client:

A hotelier specializing in innovative lodging products, boutique hotels, and private residences is planning market expansion into select vacation destinations located within 100 mile radii of major metropolitan areas within the continental United States and Canada.  The expectation is to gain market share through direct competition with the lifestyle products of major legacy hospitality brands.  To this end, the client desires a branding concept and design that reflects the unique "sense of place", the city in "all its glory", and encourages locals to gather and mingle with visitors.

About the City:

“People are not supposed to live on a sandbar, and the fact that they choose to live on this one tells you something about the collective psyche. These are people who like to be different, who see themselves as select, and maybe even a little invincible. There is an unmistakable attitude of tolerance on this Island, too, similar to the liberal atmosphere one experiences in San Francisco – another seaport that survived a devastating natural disaster at the turn of the century.” - Gary Cartwright from Galveston: A History of the Island

Officially recognized as the "Oleander City", Galveston, Texas has earned several monikers over the course of its history.  From “Isla de Malhado” (the Island of Back Luck) to the “Wall Street of the South”, through prosperous times and war, the inhabitants of the sandy, flat, narrow barrier reef island have been consistently described as independent, resourceful, and resilient with lifestyles and livelihoods inherently defined by water.

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Project Goals:

  • Develop the brand identity and concept for the mixed-use development that reflects the local flavor and vibe of the project's city
  • Design the four public areas (hotel lobby, restaurant & bar, public restrooms, and condominium lobby) located on the first floor of the proposed building
  • Meet all applicable codes and guidelines in an environmentally conscious manner


Research conducted to facilitate an understanding of the client's intentions, target market, and project design requirements.  Information regarding the places, people, and events that influence the local market was synthesized into a formal Presentation on the City (pdf).  Based upon this information and an analysis of trends in hospitality, the following requirements were identified.

  • Hotel lobby must have multiple seating areas near registration
  • Luggage storage area of 200 sq. ft. (net)
  • Management offices (3) approx. 120 sq. ft. each
  • Restaurant must be "upscale" with a prominant wine display
  • Seating for 95 patrons in restaurant with 50 additional seats in bar area
  • Private dining for 12 to 14 people
  • Vestibule for entry from street
  • Condominium lobby must have front desk with seating area for visitors
  • Manager's office of approx. 150 sq. ft.
  • Package storage area of 200 sq. ft. (net)
  • Men's and Women's Restrooms - ADA compliant

Conceptual Design:

Schematic Design:

Refinement of the design concept through sketching, exploration of spatial relationships, layout of test fits, and development of an initial furnishing concept and finish palette.

Design Development:

Finalization of the design concept through the development of scale drawings, preparation of presentation graphics, and specification of all FF&E.