Beinvano Galleries Corporate Office

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Project: Description

An 8,100 sq. ft. office design for the U.S.headquarters of an international art gallery business. Located in Northern Virginia, the facility supports sales, gallery management, and art resource administration.

About the Client:

Beinvano Galleries International specializes in the representation of works by major artists throughout Europe and Africa.  With headquartered offices in Milan, Paris, and London, the company maintains existing galleries in eleven major metropolitan areas in France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, the British Isles, and Ireland.  Looking to expand into the North American market, Beinvano Galleries anticipates opening galleries in Washington DC, Atlanta, and San Francisco.  To support this expansion, the company elected to locate its US headquarters in Northern Virginia.

Project Goals:

  • Provide a centralized location for business operations and communications in the United States
  • Support gallery operations at company locations in Washington DC, Atlanta, and San Francisco

Design Brief:

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Research conducted to facilitate an understanding of the client's mission and project design requirements with findings synthesized into a Programmatic Research Presentation (pdf).

The office space selected was located on the fourth floor of a ten story building with views of a river along the west side.  Existing tenants of the building included a bank, real estate company, small technology firm, and the divisional headquarters for a large, high tech firm.  The owner of the building agreed to display works represented by Beinvano Galleries (cycling displays biannually) in the entrance of the building.  The clients desired the feel of a gallery to continue as visitors arrive on the fourth floor from the elevators.  Based upon this information and an analysis of current trends in office design, the following requirements were identified:

  • Flexible gallery space for displaying artwork at building entrance and in office reception areas
  • Conference spaces for client meetings and collaborative work
  • Both private and open office spaces
  • Art resource library equipped for multimedia presentations
  • Support areas to accommodate shared needs (e.g. reception, lounge, reprographics)

Conceptual Design:

Design Concept - Revealing the culture and community of the international art industry through the juxtaposition of curvilinear and linear forms.

Concept Statement - “Culture is commonly defined as an integrated pattern of human knowledge, belief, and behavior that depends upon the capacity for symbolic thought and social learning. It transforms people from individuals into communities. Art as a mode of communicating culture transcends symbolic thought only when its creators, interpreters and producers share their personal visions with an audience. Art then embodies the duality of communication: intent and perception. A community relies on the harmony and union of these aspects for its cohesiveness.”

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Schematic Design:

Refinement of the design concept through exploration of froms, investigation of spatial relationships, development of the furnishing concept and finish palette, and preparation of presentation renderings.

Design Development:

Finalization of the design concept through the development of scaled drawings and specification of all FF&E.

Construction Documentation:

Production of scaled, detailed drawings and specifications for the purposes of establishing actual construction costs and contracting the physical building of the project.