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                                         M. Wilhelmina Boldt Interior Design Program


A CIDA-accredited (Council for Interior Design Accreditation) professional degree program leading to a Master of Arts in Interior Design.  Focused on an interdisciplinary approach to design, graduates build proficiencies in the the knowledge, skills, and techniques necessary in interior design practice and scholarly research.  Competencies developed include programming and design processes, graphic and written communication, problem solving and critical thinking, ethics and social responsibility, and professional practice standards. After completion of design foundation courses and a portfolio review, master's degree candidates are required to complete 51 graduate-level credits.


    Master of Arts, Interior Design
School of Arts and Sciences (64 credits)
Design Foundation Courses
     ID 214 - Architectural Graphics III
     ID 231 - Textiles and Finish Materials
     ID 426 - Current Issues in Interior Design
     ID 487 - Accelerated Interior Design Studio
Design Studios
     ID 580 - Advanced Design Studio I
     ID 581 - Advanced Design Studio II
     ID 595 - Directed Research Studio
     ID 684 - Masters Studio I
     ID 685 - Masters Studio II
Elective Design Seminars
     ID 512 - Furniture Design Seminar
     ID 527 - Ecological Design Seminar

History & Preservation Courses
     ID 550 - History of Architecture and Interiors I
     ID 551 - History of Architecture and Interiors II
     ID 554 - Historic Preservation Seminar
Building Systems Courses
     ID 532 - Construction and Environmental Systems
     ID 533 - Illumination Systems
Business Practice Courses
     ID 534 - Professional Practice
Research & Thesis
     ID 620 - Research and Development in Interior Design
     ID 626 - Graduate Seminar (Evidence-Based Theories)
     ID 698 - Thesis or Design Research Project I
     ID 699 - Thesis or Design Research Project II

DEGREE CONFERRED:  December 17, 2011