Diaeta: Per Propositi

(Latin) A Prescribed Way of Life, Manner of Living, Dwelling: By Design

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On Moving and Moving On.  On Sunday, March 31, 2013 (Easter night), the matriarch of my family, my grandmother Faye, passed from this world surrounded by her eccentric and loving family.  Sitting vigil at her side for six days, I had many hours to contemplate my own legacy; what I have done, who I have been, and all that I wish to do and be.  I held her hand as my grandmother drew her last breath.  I witnessed the strength with which my mother silently, calmly, and bravely assumed the mantle of matriarch.  Surrounded by the many beautiful and strong women of my family, gentle and passionate, witty and stubborn, in that moment I realized just how blessed I am.  "Altissima quaeque flumina minimo sono labi" - Still waters run deep.  So it is with this awareness, that I put the frustrations and disappoints of the past year behind me.  I am destined to define what I will do and who I will be, even in an industry and an economy resolute in undermining my entry.  As a start, on Monday, April 29, I will be moving one town and six years away from my previous career.  I am who I am for the life I lived here, but I am ready now.  Ready to move.  Ready to move on.    ~Shelley