Diaeta: Per Propositi

(Latin) A Prescribed Way of Life, Manner of Living, Dwelling: By Design

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New year, new website.  Yet some things haven't changed.  As I welcome 2013, a single topic still dominates most of my conversations.  Unfortunately, the answer remains the same. After graduating with my Master's degree in December 2011, I have taught myself Revit Architecture, achieved accreditation as a LEED Green Associate, and completely redesigned my virtual presence.  What I haven't accomplished is rejoining the ranks of the employed, gainfully or otherwise.  So if you know of an internship, design or consulting position opening within an architecture or interior design firm in the D.C. Metropolitan area, please let me know.  Or, alternatively, pass along my website information.  I've worked hard to develop this site.  So welcome, poke around, learn a little more about what I do.  Cheers!  Here's to hope for a productive 2013.  ~Shelley

If you're partial to my original site, it isn't gone (yet).  Follow this link to reminisce…