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Projects & Clients:

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Dulles Landing Shopping Center - Arcola, VA
Sam's Club - Richmond (East), VA
Walmart Supercenters:
     -  Bangor, ME
     -  Sanford, ME
     -  Scarborough, ME
     -  Comstock Park, MI

 -  Leominster, MA
 -  Swansea, MA
 -  Woodsville, NH
 -  Nashville, TN

-  Gordonsville, VA
-  Manassas, VA
-  Richmond (360 W), VA
Northern Virginia Community College - Alexandria, VA
     -  Abstraction to Representation - ARC 195 Topics in Design
University of Pennsylvania - Philadelphia, PA
     -  Object Narrative and Representation - Design Fundamentals Studio II
     -  Construction and Conviviality - Architecture/Landscape Studio I

     -  Public Spectacles - Architecture/Landscape Studio I
     -  Threshold and Garden - Architecture/Landscape Studio II

Project Files:

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Abstraction to Representation:

Design with Five Elements, an exploration of prescribed shapes of given proportionality to one another; first in two-dimensional abstraction followed by extrusion into three-dimensional representation.

Construction and Conviviality:

A Table at the Schuylkill, an exploration of the formal themes of mapping and construction through the design of a dining platform for Fairmount Park in Philadelphia, PA.

Threshold and Garden:

Observation Tower, a theoretical design for a student observatory and natural sciences center on the campus of Bryn Mawr College in Lower Merion Township, Pennsylvania.

Object Narrative & Representation:

An Enclosure for the Soul of an Insect Collector, an investigation into the narrative between a subject (an insect), an object at body scale, and representation in structure.