Diaeta: Per Propositi

(Latin) A Prescribed Way of Life, Manner of Living, Dwelling: By Design

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About Me:  And my latest "project". . .

Welcome to my virtual filing cabinet!

This is the place where I store information regarding my projects, clients, and academic studies.  This is not my virtual portfolio (although you will find images from A&D projects on this site); that ever-evolving piece of visual art currently occupies the corner of my drafting studio.  This site is specifically designed as a repository of details not commonly found in a portfolio (professional or academic).

“Why bother?” you might ask.  My reasons are fourfold:

  1. I have an unhealthy obsession with both paper and organization (in a manner that only architects and designers can truly understand).  A recent move has proven that I need to tip the balance between the two -- in favor of the latter.
  2. I am actively seeking full-time employment within the A/E/C industry, preferably in commercial architecture and/or design (A&D).  So in order to best be prepared to communicate the totality of my experience, I’m using this opportunity to once again become thoroughly familiar with the specifics of my work.  Click here for a list of my projects and clients.
  3. I do not have a linear career progression.  My successive job descriptions bear little resemblance to my intended career path.  (Thank you recession.)  Therefore, I need a method of conveying, in addition to my design portfolio, the depth and relevancy of my professional and academic qualifications in a way that a chronological résumé and cover letter simply can not deliver.  -- After all, I can't simply say "look past my current position".  Well okay, maybe theoretically I could; but I won't.  Instead I'll direct everyone to this site because...
  4. I would like the world to understand that my skills are broad and technical, not capricious.  Although I am presently an architectural “CAD Monkey for Hire” (which is neither ideal for career progression nor a full-time gig), I hope someday soon to be once again fully immersed in the business of built environments.  But in the meantime, I thought it might be interesting to learn a little more about custom web development and site management.

And so dieata.org (in its present form) came into existence.  Be forewarned that a page may become unavailable or display “under construction” at any time.  Just know that means I’m most likely squirreled away in my studio, between CD sets and a laptop screen.

Thanks for visiting.  And feel free to use the contact link above to say "hello".

If you're partial to my original site, it isn't gone (yet).  Follow this link to reminisce…